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"THE LAZARUS PHENOMENON" (Click to view movie) - The whole subject of life after death is looked at from both a Biblical and a truly scientific approach, with interviews with four medical doctors. It includes the story of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu who died in an automobile accident, viewed heaven and hell and was raised from the dead after 3 days by praying believers. Website:

"THE FINAL FRONTIER" (Click to view movie) - This documentary movie, The Final Frontier, investigates the extraordinary and fascinating phenomenon of Near Death Experiences. The movie investigates, explains, and gives objective answers, to this astonishing phenomenon. This movie records the experiences of individuals who have clinically died, and who crossed the Final Frontier of death, but returned to life to tell their amazing life changing experiences. In this movie, patients who have been resuscitated following life threatening events document their experiences of Heaven and Hell, and also their encounters with Jesus Christ. This documentary movie will open your eyes to a world beyond death, and may dramatically change your life here on Earth, and also in Eternity. Click here to view E-Book

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