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The incredible true story of one man's encounter with death and the realms beyond it. Stung by five box jellyfish while diving off the coast of Mauritius, Ian McCormack later died in hospital and was dead for 15-20 minutes. During this time he experienced both hell and heaven and came back to tell the story! Dying was his doorway to true life and his story is transforming lives around the world as it touches on some of the deepest questions we all eventually ask.  Click here to view

"THE FINAL FRONTIER" by Dr. Richard Kent with Val Fotherby.
Where do we go when we die? Are there really such place as Heaven and Hell? Within these pages are the testimonies of 25 individuals who have had near-death and after-death experiences. These 25 individuals have died as a result of a heart attack, a road accident, a suicide attempt, a Vietnamese bullet wound, on the operating table, of pneumonia, and many other lethal conditions. The individuals in this book recount their amazing stories of the afterlife, having crossed the Final Frontier of death. Some tell of their wonderful experiences in Heaven, and the love, joy, and peace they found there. Others recall terrifying images of Hell, which is very real, according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Heaven and Hell are described in great detail, as well as how to go to Heaven, and avoid Hell. WARNING -THIS BOOK COULD CHANGE YOUR AFTERLIFE!
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"BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER" by Dr. Richard Kent with David Waite.
The phenomenon of Near Death Experiences continues to fascinate us. What is it that people see and feel as they stand at the brink of life? And do their experiences offer any evidence of an afterlife? Adding fuel to the debate, Dr Richard Kent and David Waite bring us a second book of true life stories. Some of these experiences are good, some are appallingly frightening. Some of those with a religious faith are convinced that they point to the existence of Heaven and Hell. Others say that these things cannot be proved if they exist at all. Now you can open the book and join in the debate!
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"EVER INCREASING FAITH" by Smith Wigglesworth.
Smith Wigglesworth was born to a very poor family. At the age of six he had to go to work. As a consequence, he never learned to read well until he was an adult. Later he claimed he never read anything but the Bible. He became a plumber by trade. As a minister, Wigglesworth was hardly known outside of his hometown until 1907. In 1907, he received the baptism in the Holy Ghost, which changed his life forever. It was then, at the age of 48, that God moved Wigglesworth from a small relatively unknown ministry to conducting powerful meetings throughout the world, stirring the faith of thousands to receive healing and salvation. Wigglesworth would usually conclude a sermon by praying for the sick; regardless of what text he had ministered. Smith Wigglesworth's ministry centered on salvation for the unconverted, healing for the sick, and a call to believers to be baptized in the Holy Ghost. He was filled with God, with love, compassion, and faith. Wigglesworth said, "To hunger and thirst after righteousness is when nothing in the world can fascinate us so much as being near to God."
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First published in 1671, this was an earnest appeal to unconverted sinners. A characteristic passage from Alleine reads: "Oh, better were it for you to die in a jail, in a ditch, in a dungeon, than to die in your sins... Your sins will follow you when your friends leave you, and all worldly enjoyments shake hands with you. Your sins will not die with you as a prisoner's other debts will; but they will go to judgment with you there to be your accusers; and they will go to hell with you there to be your tormentors." When Joseph Alleine's older brother Edward died, Joseph underwent a spiritual crisis, what he would call a "thorough conversion." Famous Christians such as Charles Spurgeon and George Whitefield testified that Alleine's Alarm helped bring them to Christ. It is still in print. The style of this evangelistic classic is simple yet forceful, earnest and direct, abounding in energetic appeals to sinners to turn to God who is abundant in mercy. It also deals with the danger of false professions and exhorts all such as claim the name of Christian to examine themselves to see if they are truly in Christ.
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One of the mightiest men of prayer of the last generation was George Mueller of Bristol, England, who in the last sixty years of his life (he lived to be ninety-two or ninety-three) obtained the English equivalent of $7,200,000.00 by prayer. But George Mueller never prayed for a thing just because he wanted it, or even just because he felt it was greatly needed for God's work. When it was laid upon George Mueller's heart to pray for anything, he would search the Scriptures to find if there was some promise that covered the case. Sometimes he would search the scriptures for days before he presented his petition to God. And then when he found the promise, with his open Bible before him, and his finger upon that promise, he would plead that promise, and so he received what he asked. He always prayed with an open Bible before him. George Meuller (1805-1898) was a Prussian-born English evangelist and philanthropist. A man of faith and prayer, he established orphanages in Bristol and founded the Scriptural Knowledge Institution for Home and Abroad.
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"50 NOBELISTS" by Tihomir Dimitrov
"The book 50 NOBEL LAUREATES AND OTHER GREAT SCIENTISTS WHO BELIEVE IN GOD is a surprisingly pertinent and interesting collection of comments by important scientists!"
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